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Michal Petr Recka

Lives in Kitchener
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Studying with the Sassani and YahYel extraterrestrials (since 2018) YOSOY 365-day Atlantean Initiatic Path (Aug 2020 - Aug 2021) Certified Energy Codes Facilitator ⭐ (Morter Institute for BioEnergetics, Jul 2021) Magdalene Love Codes (Divine Transmissions, July 2021) The Channeling Mastery Success Path (Saryon Michael White, since Jan 2021) Introduction to Channeling (Tyler Ellison, May 2021) Fusion of 5 Elements (Tyler Ellison, April 2021) Divine Light Activation - Business Upgrade (Divine Transmissions, March 2020) Certified Quantum Light Practitioner ⭐ (Divine Transmissions, May 2020) Awakening the Creator Within (Living Resonance, February 2020) Awakening the Illuminated Heart (The School of Remembering, Jan 2019) Find the Healer Within (Heart Ascension, Jan 2019) Certified Reiki Master Teacher ⭐ (Hypno-Healing Institute, Jul 2018)
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About Michal Petr Recka
Hello, I am Michal and I am honored to be one of the Visionaries of the Unity Consciousness, awakening Unconditional Love and grounding “heaven” to Earth. I also function as a Galactic Ambassador, bridging the Earth and Galactic societies and last but not least I am a life-guide for anybody who dares to come back to their own power and become a sovereign and healthy individual :-) My “mission” here is to help people understand and remember who we truly are and what amazing things we are capable of! There are many who won’t try anything that doesn’t make sense to them. And since I grew up as a software developer, I must admit that I am one of them :-) Sound logic and satisfying my critical mind has been a critical part of me. Yet I prefer to learn from those who have mastered the things I want to learn. And quite often, this means that I need to reach out for wisdom off the planet, to nature or to the future. And every time I manage to connect new dots together, I am amazed how perfectly everything works behind the scenes. If you allow me, I’ll be happy to share with you what I’ve learnt. I love to think outside of the box. Exploring areas which many can’t even imagine has become my daily passion. You will often find me aside from the mainstream, connecting to nature, constantly challenging and pushing the limits of our society and by leading by example demonstrating what else is possible. I am grateful for all souls who choose to join me on my journey. With infinite love, Michal


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