Flower Roots in the Dark: New Paradigm Knowledge, 2.5h
Michal R
Michal R

Flower Roots in the Dark: New Paradigm Knowledge​,​ 2.5h

Dec 21, 9:00 PM - 11:30 PM(UTC)

About this group session

Online event: December 21st 2021 at 5:30 pm EST​,​ 2.5 hours If you prefer a video initiation​,​ you check out this video :-) https://youtube.com/watch?v=TNQa47MXbJ0 Winter solstice is in the northern hemisphere the time of the year when the darkness is the strongest and I like to celebrate this special milestone. Important: my work has nothing to do with satanism or any dark magic and I do not support these practices since they are from my perspective not aligned with unconditional love and thus incompatible with my teaching that is empowering and loving in nature. In the old paradigm​,​ there was this idea of a constant fight between the light and the darkness. The new paradigm​,​ however​,​ emphasizes that we cannot move forward in our evolution if we deny half of the Universal Design. All that which we call unpreferred is there for very good reasons and we only need to understand what these good reasons are! There is no reason for a "spiritual racism" as I call it anymore. Unconditional Love has no conditions - it honors the diversity and all aspects of creation with a wisdom in its heart. This 2.5-hour wokeshop explores what the role of the darkness really is​,​ so you can stop being afraid of it​,​ apply your unconditional love even in this area​,​ relax more and use the entire universe in its wholeness to support you. 🙂 We will - understand the difference between light​/​darkness and coherence​/​incoherence - understand the basic role of the darkness in the Universal Design - understand some relationships of darkness with the Sacred Architecture and Physical Reality - look at the Atlantean understanding of darkness - link it all with Sacred Geometry​,​ tapping into the geometry of pyramids - demystify demons and other “dark” entities - visit the idea of Protection and how we can be safe from anything and anybody easily no matter what (equanimity and peace vs separation and fight) - look at some animals for inspiration - have time for Q&A - seal everything in by a guided meditation. My workshops are better to be attended in person​,​ because I love to discuss and clarify questions people may have. And also as much as you are learning from me​,​ I am learning from you. The co-creation and cross-pollination always works both ways! But if you can't make it​,​ a recording will be available.

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