Spring Equinox, Scared Ganesha Practice
Angelina O
Angelina O

Spring Equinox​,​ Scared Ganesha Practice

Mar 21, 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM(UTC)

About this group session

21st March I 11 am I London W8 I Private Residence Modern Ganesha is the god of wealth and wisdom​,​ an assistant in any endeavour​,​ the patron of art and writing. ‌Associated with the Goddesses Lakshmi (Abundance in everything) and Sarasvani (Wisdom and Creativity). The good-natured man with the head of an elephant is the Indian personification of patience and prosperity. He is the first to offer prayers and requests. ‌Ganesha has the task of clearing the path of obstacles for those who ask for it. ‌By drawing the Ganesha Yantra​,​ we create a charm for our home​,​ but we also invite the energies of joy​,​ goodness and love. ‌What to expect? ‌11.00 - opening of the women's circle ‌Meditation in the Energies of the Spring Equinox ‌Cocoa Ceremony ‌12.00 - Chanting of the Ganesha mantra​,​ channeling ‌Drawing yantra on canvas. ‌Art meditation coloring with paints. ‌13.30 Closing the circle sharing. ‌Each live meeting gives an unreal charge of positive emotions​,​ unity​,​ joy and pleasure! ‌Women's circle is a space of creativity​,​ support and beauty!

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