Blessing The Way: New Family, Retreat in Bali
Lemongrass L
Lemongrass L

Blessing The Way: New Family​,​ Retreat in Bali

Apr 23, 9:00 AM - Invalid Date(UTC)

About this group session

23th April - 3rd May £5​,​600 per family of 3 A 9 night healing retreat that takes you on a journey of spiritual nourishment to reconnect and strengthen your bond as a new family. Holding sacred space for new families to relax and reconnect whilst strengthening their family bonds and supporting one another on this beautiful and magical island of Bali​,​ Indonesia. A journey of rest​,​ renewal and rejuvenation for new families​,​ nurturing bonds and nourishing connections​,​ tending to the spirit and soul of family and community. This healing retreat has been curated for all the family to enjoy some time alone and together with different activities and shares that will allow for spiritual nourishment and strengthen their relationship as a new family. It was the summer solstice of 2021​,​ a dream seed was conceived and it blossomed into the birth of Charlene’s and Owen’s son​,​ Owen Dara. On his birth journey is when they met their doula​,​ Samara​,​ along with Poh Eng. Owen Dara has been the light of this retreat collaborative and when he was born​,​ a new life began​,​ not just for him but for the WellMama retreat team. A few moons later​,​ our lives continued to flow and this chosen family and friendship circle continues to expand. Blessing the way retreat was born. Our retreat is made up of an amazing team of dynamic individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds​,​ living in all corners of the world. Each with our own unique gifts​,​ from birth keeping​,​ shiatsu​,​ to yoga​,​ sport and education​,​ we come together with love and in full support of one another​,​ with a shared vision to empower new families for a wonderful future. YOUR STAY: DESA SENI A VILLAGE RESORT Unique​,​ luxury​,​ private​,​ individual antique homes as accommodations​,​ set apart in lush organic gardens​,​ imported from the many islands of Indonesia. Restored and Refurbished offering all the amenities of home. Live amidst original artefacts and antiques reflecting true Indonesian culture and heritage. WHAT WE WILL DO: Daily wellness classes​,​ Circles​,​ Ceremonies​,​ Aura Cleansing Seminar with a local healer Pak Nyoman​,​ Mandala & Mala Making workshops​,​ Adventures​,​ SPA & Relaxation​,​ Dinners Under the stars​,​ Cultural Tour​,​ Somatic movement​,​ Fathers Fire Circle​,​ Family Blessing Ceremony.

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